Should you comb your pet’s coat instead of shaving it?

Most coats consist of a top coat and an undercoat. Nature hasn’t half created something superb here! The interplay between the top coat and the undercoat can be viewed as a finely tuned system.


The undercoat is made up of lots of woolly hairs close to the skin that keep the dog warm at cool temperatures, because the air trapped in the undercoat between the skin and the top coat acts like insulation. The top coat protects the dog from external influences in particular. It reflects the sun’s rays and provides protection against injuries and the rain.


Many dog owners believe that shaving their pet’s coat will provide them with relief, especially in summer. Their dog should have less fur.

But shaving the top coat removes some of its protective function and changes the coat structure as a whole, which can result in unpleasant side effects in the long term.

This is because the growth of the undercoat is stimulated even more when the all-important top coat is shaved and shortened. It grows faster than the top coat. The shortened top coat visually blends in with the undercoat, becoming dull and losing its protective function. In some dogs, the important top coat – which is also the visual distinctive feature of many breeds – only grows back after months or even years, unfortunately more often doing so in a faded colour.


But there are alternatives to shaving your dog.


Because it is indeed correct that the undercoat has to be regularly thinned out all year round to remove dead hair and skin particles and to air the skin well. Thinning out is the most important prerequisite for healthy skin and, ultimately, for your dog’s well-being too.

You should therefore thin out the undercoat with a good brush to ensure optimum coat care. Our FurWonder brush does a particularly good job of this. Not only does the coat become loose and airy; the protective top coat remains intact, the undercoat grows back healthily and the coat as a whole becomes silky and retains its colour.


For what animals is the FurWonder useful?

In a nutshell, for all dogs and horses. The FurWonder brush cartridges (the medium and the soft/intense double brush), both of which feature special wire bristles, are most beneficial with a medium or long coat and animals with an undercoat.


The brush cartridge Medium is ideal for dogs without any or only some undercoat and knots as well as for horses. The brush cartridge Soft/ Intense is ideal for dogs with quite a lot of undercoat as well as for dogs with knots.

The size of the animal is irrelevant. We also made positive experiences for instance with Pekingeses, Malteses and with small Tibetan races.

The FurWonder brush cartridge with the nylon bristles is ideal for short-haired dogs and horses for gentle brushing and massaging.

Please let us know via info@furwonder.com if you are unsure which brush cartridge is most suitable for your dog. We will be happy to advise you.

Can I hurt my dog if I use the FurWonder?

There is no risk of injury if you avoid sensitive parts of the dog’s body (such as its eyes, nose, mouth, ears, muzzle, teats and genitals) while brushing. 
So there’s no risk if you use it properly.

If the brush belt gets stuck due to a badly knotted coat, the safety electronics switch the motor off automatically. You can restart the brushing function with extreme ease using the adjusting wheel.

Can I use the FurWonder without a vacuum cleaner?

Yes. The only difference is that brushing is faster with a vacuum cleaner because you don’t have to remove hair from the brush in between. If your dog suffers from severe hair loss when shedding, for example, it is always advisable to connect a vacuum cleaner. It’s sometimes good to get the dog used to the FurWonder to begin with and to only connect the vacuum cleaner afterwards. We recommend not connecting the vacuum cleaner if all you want to do is comb and detangle your dog’s coat or if your dog is sensitive to noise.

What advantages does the FurWonder electric grooming brush offer?

Brushing is a much quicker process with the FurWonder electric dog brush when compared to using a conventional manual brush. This isn’t just less frustrating for you; it’s less bothersome for your dog too. The FurWonder allows you to visibly thin out the undercoat better and effectively remove dead hair and skin particles.

Using the FurWonder means your dog’s hair will no longer go flying through your home while you’re brushing it. Instead, it will disappear directly into the vacuum cleaner. If a vacuum cleaner is not connected, the hairs remain in the brush and can be easily and safely removed with the enclosed comb.

How does the FurWonder work?

In each FurWonder’s interchangeable cartridge, there is a brush belt that runs over two rollers and is powered by the motor in the basic unit. It might sound complicated, but it is in fact very simple to use. You start, stop and regulate the brush with a wheel. It’s arranged in such a user-friendly way that you can adjust the brushing intensity with just one finger, without being restricted yourself while brushing your pet. The FurWonder boasts a solid design and sits comfortably in your hand.

Why are there different cartridges for the FurWonder?

We have developed three brush cartridges with different bristles for various coat types and applications.

Wire bristles for brushing and thinning out the undercoat
These are particularly suitable for brushing and detangling and for thinning out and airing the undercoat.
There are two cartridges to choose from:

  • The soft/intense cartridge
    can be operated on a soft or intense setting depending on the level of matting. To change between the two settings, all you have to do is turn the cartridge over. We recommend starting out with the soft setting. Stubborn knots and matted hair can then be dealt with using the intense setting.


  • The medium cartridge
    is a very good all-round brush with only one operating mode. Its effect is between soft and intense.

Nylon bristles for brushing and massaging
This brush is ideal for combing, brushing out dirt particles or massaging if the coat is not matted. The nylon brushes are also suitable for young dogs to get them used to the electric grooming brush. This is why breeders and groomers like using them to get dogs used to the FurWonder with wire bristles. This brush, which features a massage function, is also our wellness offering for your dog.

Please let us know via info@furwonder.com if you are unsure which brush cartridge is most suitable for your dog. We will be happy to advise you.

What colours does the FurWonder come in and what does the basic package contain?

The FurWonder is available in three trendy colours: mint, pink and golden yellow.


The basic package contains: an electric brush, a cartridge with wire bristles (you can choose between soft/intense or medium), a plug-in power supply unit, an extraction adapter, a cleaning comb and a transport box with handle.

The nylon brush cartridge is only available as an accessory. This is also the case for the wire brush cartridge that is not ordered with the basic package.

The vacuum cleaner hose with adapter is another accessory. This hose set contains a flexible hose, approximately two metres long, and two connectors, plus an additional adapter. This allows you to insert vacuum cleaner hoses with an outer diameter of 32, 34, 36 or 44 mm.

Where is the FurWonder made?

To guarantee a consistently high level of quality, our FurWonder is produced in a precision mechanics plant near Dresden. Most of our production operations are carried out using traditional manual work.

When you buy a FurWonder, you can rest assured you’re getting solid engineering from Germany.

We offer a two-year warranty on your FurWonder.


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